What Others Say


“I began counseling with Dr. DeMarquis Clarke during a very dark period, when my life was in major crisis. I thought I knew myself and understood my problems. However, thanks to the incredible insight and clinical skills of Dr. Clarke, I quickly came to realize that the true issues were yet to be discovered. With Dr. Clarke’s adept guidance, I have embarked upon a path of self-discovery that has profoundly impacted my life. Over the course of our therapeutic work, Dr. Clarke has facilitated a trustworthy, reliable, professional relationship. He listens with immense insight and compassion. He communicates extremely effectively. He challenges me to face the most difficult issues and take direct responsibility for my life. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for my work with Dr. Clarke, my marriage would have ended very badly, my parenting would have suffered greatly and I would be an angry, distrustful person without the skills to build a healthy life. Dr. DeMarquis Clarke is an outstanding clinician.”

“He helped us more than he will ever know. Me and my husband were on the brink of divorce when we went to see Marq. He helped us learn how to communicate, value, respect, and love one another again. It was a pleasure working with him. He saved our marriage.”

“Dr. Clarke is a wonderful therapist. He helped me work through long standing issues of abandonment and neglect. Because I grew up without parents, therapy sessions felt both like what I assume the nurturing of a mother and the challenges of a father would feel. Both of which were needed for my long-term growth.”

“I write these words as a way of expressing our deep and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Clarke for what he’s helped us accomplish for ourselves and our relationship. He provided a space for me and my partner to have an opportunity to escape our own trials, and build a new relationship of trust, safety and enduring love.”

“Dr. D. is a cool counselor. He helped me with abuse issues I had been struggling with for years. He supported me when I was struggling to love myself and pushed me to see the ways I beat up on myself.”

“My marriage was in deep trouble, when we were referred to DeMarquis Clarke for assistance with our relationship problems. I can say that Mark has been instrumental in saving our marriage, helping us solve the problems that existed and showing us the destructive behavior that we were both exhibiting. I find Mark to be a good listener while being non-judgmental. His clinical skills allow him to be insightful in his approach in uncovering the deep rooted issues in a relationship. He is always asking the right questions. After helping us through our initial concerns, my wife and I have continued working with Mark to fine tune our relationship, as well as separately to work to be better individuals.”

“I didn’t expect the sessions Marq and I had would have such long lasting life changing effects, but it has. I feel like a different person. He was able to help me uncover how my emotions were being formed and showed me how disruptive they were being in how I saw myself and my relationships with family and friends.”

“Marq, Marq, Marq… I initially thought I was going to counseling because my girlfriend wanted me to work on communication issues. I never thought I would leave realizing those very communication issues came from my own insecurities, the way I viewed women, and issues with not having a father growing up. Marq has a way of supporting and challenging you to figure out your own life. He helped me with deep seeded issues I thought were dead and buried.”

“Dr. Clarke created our therapy sessions to be a space where I feel safe telling him what is going on with me. When I initially started working with him, I was experiencing lots of anxiety along with self-esteem struggles. Because of his support at showing me my strengths and gentle challenges, my self-esteem has improved and my anxiety has lessened dramatically. He has helped me to become the stronger, more capable individual that he has been seen in me all along.”

“My work with Dr. Clarke has literally changed my life. Events from my past changed me into someone I was not comfortable being. With Dr. Clarke’s help, I have been able to rediscover who I am and who I want to continue to become.”