A couple of months ago I received the most amazing news I had received in a while. I received a letter from Seton Hill University informing me that I received tenure. After reading the letter I spent the next 15 minutes thanking Jesus and yelling, “I am tenure… I am tenured… I am tenured…!” I have been on cloud nine every since. I am beyond overjoyed to be a tenured professor. As a college professor in academia, one of the most coveted titles to attain is tenure. For me, attaining tenure conveys an enhanced level of protection for academic freedom. Also, it provides a significant elevated level of job security. For example, as a tenured professor, I can be dismissed only for failure to perform essential job responsibilities or serious misconduct. Beyond the benefits of tenure, if your institution grants you tenure they are saying that based on your teaching ability, your service to the university and community, and your outstanding scholarship, they value you as a colleague and hope you remain at the institution for the remainder of your academic career. So, for college professors, tenure is a HUGE deal. I have worked really hard over the past several years to obtain tenure, and I am beyond blessed to have received tenured at Seton Hill University.


After receiving the notification of my tenure appointment, calling my mom and posting it on social media, the next morning I made the following video on my way to school: