Can we stop? Can we just stop? Can we stop pretending and lying to ourselves and others about who we are? We are not perfect people. We are far from being perfect people. We are all complicated and complex human beings with amazing gifts and deep wombs from past hurts. For example, with all the ways I am loving, smart, passionate, focused, etc., I can also be spoiled, overly intense, anxious and self-righteous. All of these characteristics and traits are seen as blessings and things that make me a flawed human being. Yet, I choose not to run from these pieces of who I am. I am not lying to myself or others about how my flaws (at times) get in the way of my relationships with myself and others. I work hard to be honest about them and about who I am. My honesty about who I am prevents me from succumbing to others attempts to beat me with my past mistakes. Also, my honesty helps me fight everyday to be a better professor, therapist, friend and person. So let’s stop lying to ourselves about who we are, so we can begin to figure out how to be our best selves.